9 Ways To Relieve Joint Pain


9 Ways To Relieve Joint Pain

The joints in your body are nothing but the connection between your bones and hence you can clearly make out that they are really a vital part of your body. Joint pain is sometimes due to simple causes such as over straining the body with more and more weight and this type of pain gets relieved within a few hours itself due to the body’s self healing mechanism.

However, there lies some other causes for the joint pain and that pain requires just more than resting. Some of the tips are listed with which you can yourself take care of the pain:

9 Best Ways To Relieve Joint Pain

Anti-Inflammatory Drug

Anti-inflammatory Drug To Reduce Joint Pain

The persons suffering from moderate to serious joint pain are suggested to have an anti-inflammatory drug such as aspirin or naproxen sodium as it can provide relief. But be cautious that you don’t take the Celebrex drug as it is said that it causes an increased risk of heart attack.

Rest and Exercise

Both of these things are important if the doc suggests you that it is a non-arthritis pain. Have massages after baths.

Exercise well, but do not over strain yourself. Stretching exercises have also known to be a good cure.

Exercise To Reduce Joint Pain

Water Therapy

The most pleasant treatment of all, water therapy constitutes the immersion of the affected part of the body into a bucket of warm water. The temperature of the body must be around 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit which is just about the normal temperature of the human body.

Water Therapy To Reduce Joint Pain

Aloe Vera

Although Aloe Vera doesn’t actually heals the body because of its own latent elements but it provides a boost to the immunity system and thus the body can take care of itself if the pain is arthritis pain.

Aloe Vera To Reduce Joint Pain

Oil Massage

Yes, massaging with oil on the affected body part also helps. Castor oil will do the job well.

Oil Massage To Reduce Joint Pain

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Milk with Turmeric

An ancient way of relieving pain from the Indian origin, it is great remedy for joint pain.

Milk with Turmeric To Reduce Joint Pain


A way of exercise from Indian origin is widely accepted over the world and some types of poses in this exercise can also free this pain. Try the Gomukhasana pose because it is by far the best in terms of effectiveness.

Yoga To Reduce Joint Pain

Take light Meals

Yes, heavy meals are also well as a cause because they are difficult to digest. Take some light meals such as some salads. Take some fruits and vegetables as well such as tomatoes, berries, carrots bananas. Mostly are the bright colored ones that are actually effective.

Take Light Meals To Reduce Joint Pain

Foods to Stop Intake Of

The joints in your body are made up of protein. So, basically what you need to take care of is that to avoid the foods that break up the protein and such foods have a lot of carbohydrates in them. Examples of some of them are: Potatoes, carbonated drinks and candies.

Keep in mind that you must seek medical attention when you experience fever without flu because this symptom does not have a home remedy of its own. So do not try to cure it at home or you might end up at the hospital.

Avoid Carbonated Drinks To Reduce Joint Pain