How To Relieve Stress – Using Herbs


Stress is an unavoidable part of life and it is not restricted to the human race alone. Even the animals have stress at some point of time in their lives. Stress is not necessarily bad for health. It has good effects on human life too. If used in a positive way stress can make a person reach his / her target in a smooth way.

However, there are a lot of causes of stress.  Researches have revealed that in most of the cases stress is caused from the thinking pattern of mind rather than actual happenings that are going around us. Uncertainty, fear, threat, marital problems, death, long time illness, monetary issues, uncomfortable workplace, etc. are the some of the main causes of stress and strain in human life. But there are a lot of ways to get relief from stress. Yoga, meditation, positive thinking and herbs play a vital role in getting ourselves relieved from stress. Here are some of the herbs that help us to ease stress:

Ginseng: Various studies and researches have proven that ginseng is extremely useful for the reduction of the levels of stress in human body. The studies further state that the individuals who consume the herb on a regular basis can more efficiently cope with stress than the ones who have never consumed ginseng before. Besides coping stress, ginseng has other medical benefits on the human body like increased blood circulation, reduction of fatigue, enhancement of the individual’s memory, fighting back against flu and cold, etc.

Chamomile: This herb has many health benefits on the human life. Regular intake of the herb not only helps to alleviate tension and stress but also helps a person to relax, calm nervousness, ease headaches, soothe digestive troubles, relieve colic and teething pain and so on. Chamomile flowers are usually dried and are used to make tea. Consumption of tea helps to relieve stress efficiently.

Gotu Kola: This herb has a remarkable capability to help in overcoming the negative effects of stress in the everyday life of human beings. Besides this Gotu kola helps to increase circulation, reduce hypertension, fights cancer etc.


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