How To Relieve Vaginal Itching


Itching of the vagina is a widespread problem faced by most women. The reasons can be numerous and the itching can be very distressful as well, creating embarrassing situations while you are out.


Causes of Vaginal Itching

The most common reasons attributed to vaginal itching are hormonal imbalances, bacterial infections, dryness of the vagina and irritation due to some foreign particle. Hormonal fluctuations are common while attaining menopause. Some women experience hormone problems during their reproductive years which too can cause vaginal itching.

Infections like yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, vaginitis, allergies to soaps and chemicals etc. too can be the cause of vaginal itching and irritation. As you age, the vagina becomes dry and this too can cause itching of the vagina. All these reasons must be taken seriously as the core problem needs to be analysed and treatment method decided before it turns sore.


How to Relieve Vaginal Itching

The first thing that you must do is to assess the reason for vagina itching. It can be as simple as wearing tight underwear which will trap moisture and cause bacterial infections. Once the cause is identified, the treatment method can be decided upon.

You may try home and herbal remedies for vaginal itching if it is a mild case. Use of yoghurt, garlic, ginger, tea tree oil etc. have been continued for centuries with fast and effective results. Apply yoghurt with live culture into the vaginal canal to destroy the bacterial action. Garlic and yoghurt can also be consumed internally for effective results. Tea tree oil can be diluted with water and applied in the vaginal area.


Use cold compress to control the itching. Rubbing ice over the vagina or using cold yogurt too can help in controlling the itch. Check your diet for bad eating habits. You may add yoghurt to your regular diet as a preventive measure to stop bacterial infections.

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Avoid sugary foods if you experience vaginal itching due to yeast infection. Sugar helps the yeast to thrive and leads to frequent yeast infections in the body. Fungal foods too must be eliminated from your diet if you have yeast infection. This would include mushroom which is a fungal food and can aggravate the condition. Alcohol is another important beverage that has to be avoided if you are susceptible to vaginal infections and resultant itch.

In most cases, the above mentioned remedies will have sure results. If the vaginal itching still persists, along with other symptoms like abdominal cramps, lower back ache, inflammation etc. it could be a much more serious infection which requires medical attention. Try an over the counter drug in such cases and see if the sensation subsides.

Vaginal itching accompanied by pain during urination and lower abdominal and back pain can be due to a Bladder infection that requires antibiotics. Seek medical help immediately if the itching and symptoms do not subside with OTC drugs.

Your doctor would want a urine analysis and blood test done before diagnosis and prescribe medicines accordingly.

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