How to Relieve Yourself of Mental Stress

Stress is a part of every human being’s life and it can cause a lot of havoc if not cared for properly. It not only affects your mental being; you physical health is hampered by this condition as well. High levels of stress leads to formation of peptic ulcers, headaches, diabetes and heart related disorders.

It is not uncommon to hear of teens and even school children complaining and suffering from stress. Medication is not always the best form of medication as they can lead to dependence. In most cases stress can be cured with simple home remedies and with ingredients that you will find in you pantry.

One common anti stress agent is holy basil. The leaves of the plant are extremely beneficial in the cure of stress. When you being to feel your stress levels rise you must chew on a few basil leaves two to three times a day to control your stress levels. The juice of the leaves react with the chemicals in the body and create a sense of calm. The juice also gets rid of symptoms like high blood pressure and panic attacks.

Sage tea helps to calm ones nerves. Chop the sage leaves into fine pieces and pour boiling water on them. Let this seep for a few minutes. Then filter the tea and add a spoon of honey and sip on this splendid drink. You will experience a sense of clam almost instantly and you will feel your stress lift away.

Nutrients that you receive from your food are also beneficial in fighting stress. Vitamin A and B, calcium, potassium and magnesium are all nutrients that elevate mood swings, irritability and anxiety. You can get this from leafy vegetables and yellow and green vegetables and fruits. Dairy products like eggs, milk and almonds are associated with the prevention of heart related diseases caused by high stress levels.

Sleeping well at night and getting adequate undisturbed sleep is one of the easiest ways to fight stress and all the symptoms related to stress. Yoga exercises and breathing techniques are also ways to control your stress levels. In addition to these remedies you must also form an exercise routine to fight all symptoms related to stress.