How to Remedy Cholera at Home

Cholera is a viral disease. It is life threatening and hence care must be taken to treat the disease as fast as possible to avoid any issues later on.If you are diagnosed with cholera then you need to pay keen attention to your diet as the disease effects your intestines. Common symptoms of this condition include pain in the abdomen region, nausea and diarrhea. There are several home remedies that aid this condition. In addition to these remedies you need to visit a doctor to understand the extent of the infection.

Cholera causes dehydration. In order to prevent this condition you need to drink plenty of water. A glass of water every hour will prevent dehydration and will maintain the natural hydration levels in the body. In addition to water you also need to drink lemon juice. The vitamins in the juice help the body to rejuvenate. The juice helps to curb hydration and hence doctors recommend that you eat the fruit and drink the juice.

Add onions to your diet. Cucumbers also increase hydration levels and hence they must be a part of your diet when you are suffering with cholera.

Grind the leaves of the bitter gourd tree and drink the juice. It will help to control the feeling of nausea. In addition to this you can also blend the roots of the guava tree and drink the juice. The nutrients in the juice prevent and controls diarrhea.

Nutmeg is an herb that proves to be very useful when one is suffering from cholera. The herb can be added to tea or food preparations in order to control this condition. You could also mix nutmeg powder in a glass of warm water and drink it. It benefits any signs of dehydration.

Cloves also control the various symptoms of cholera. Add a drop of clove oil to your food preparation in order to benefit from the herb. Alternatively you can also add a pod of clove to tea when you are brewing it. The tea will absorb the essential nutrients of the clove and your body will benefit from it.

When you are suffering from cholera the acidity levels in your body are high hence you must avoid eating foods that are high in acid content. Tomatoes, citrus fruits like pineapples and oranges must be avoided. You also need to reduce your intake of fatty foods until you are better.