How to Remove Kidney Stone Naturally

Kidneys are on of the most vital organs. It does one of the most vital jobs that is filtering impurities from the blood and eliminating them from the blood and remove it from the body in the form of urine. But if those waste or toxins are not removed from the kidney properly, they start to crystallize  inside the kidney. At primary level when the stones are very small you may not have problem but as soon as they become large, the problem starts.  The symptoms of kidney stones are severe pain in the time of urination, nausea, vomiting, desire to urinate frequently, and many more things.

But you can prevent and control kidney stones following a diet and few practices. The first and foremost thing is to drink adequate water everyday. Water helps to flush out toxins from the body. Moreover it helps to dilute toxins and prevents crystallization of chemicals that we intake through different foods.

Stay away from excessive proteins, fats and foods that contain artificial color, flavor and preservative. Avoid junk foods because they contain a great amount of chemicals in the form of color and flavor. They also contain a great amount of protein. Stay away from, carbonated fizzy drinks, alcohol and smoking.

Try to eat those fruits and vegetables that contain lots of fluid. Grapes, pomegranate and watermelon are great source of water. Grapes and pomegranate juice have a high amount of potassium salt in addition to water. Not only pomegranate juice, the seeds of this fruit is also excellent to cure or to  preventive kidney stones. Ground a tablespoon of pomegranate seeds and mix that in your soup.

Eat such foods that contain vitamin B6. Maintain a low protein diet. Apple is a useful fruit for kidney stones. Like many other disease kidney stones are also removed by regular intake of apple. Crush fresh celery and strain its juice. Regular drinking of celery juice is effective to keep the stones at bay. Basil, neem leaves are good for kidney and regular intake of basil juice, neem juice accompanied with honey has power to dissolve the stone.

But these home remedies or natural cure should be practiced at the very primary stage or as a precautionary measure. If these methods do not work take the help of specialist before the problem gets critical.