How to Remove Moles From The Skin

The groups of small pigmented cells forming dark brown spots over the skin are clinically termed as moles. Mostly moles occur on the face, arms and legs. However they can occur anywhere on the skin of the body. Commonly 15 moles can occur in our body, but the number may vary person to person and in some cases it may grow up to 40.

Normally there is no health complication associated with moles but they can become cancerous in some cases. Generally moles are black in color, but they can occurs in color of skin or in combination of black and the color of the skin. Moles are soft, light colored and raised from the skin.

Sometimes freckles are form on the fair skinned people due to sunburn. These freckles should not be confused with moles. Genetic background is the basic reason for the mole. Excessive exposure to sunlight and accidental propagation of the pigment cells may also lead to formation of moles.

Moles that occur on the face sometimes increase the beauty of the face and sometimes they look very vague. If there are many moles on the face, the person may feel embarrassed as they can spoil the overall look of the person. Women are more beauty conscious and therefore in some cases high number of moles on the face can lead to the condition of stress and depression in them.

For removing moles from the skin, pineapple can be used. Apply fresh pineapple on the affected area several times a day can remove moles from the skin. Garlic can also be used for removing moles. Putting garlic extract on the affected area help in easy removal of moles. Intake of fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C is very helpful in removing moles. Fig stem juice can also be used for removal of moles. Applying this juice on the affected area is very helpful in removing moles.