How To Remove Scars

A scar is a common problem in the people of all ages. Scars can be due to many reasons like cut, burn or due to acne. Collagens are produced by fibroblasts and help to fill the wound area. Collagen fibers are more in number in the scar tissue and haphazardly arranged. This is the reason scars appears discolored and noticeable to eyes than the skin color.

Vitamin E oil if applied directly to the healing tissue twice or thrice a day is helpful for lightening scars.  Vitamin E helps in regeneration of the skin, while gentle massage with the oil helps growth of new tissue normally. Massage water and baking soda to exfoliate scars of the skin. This should be done for one minute. Wash it and apply olive oil which will be helpful in rejuvenate the skin. Lemon juice is one of the most effective ways to get rid of scars.

Acne scars can be lightened by lemon. Firstly clean the scar. Apply lemon juice dipped cotton over the scars and wash after ten minutes. Try to wash out lemon before going in sunlight. Fresh fruits are very good source of Vitamin C. Pineapple consists if Vitamin C, applying it directly over the face is also a good option. This helps in fading acne marks. Drinking a lot of water is always good for treating many problems. Drinking more water keeps the body hydrated. Rosehip seed oil is one of the effective remedy for removing acne scars. It should be massaged twice a day on scars.

Eating balanced diet is also helpful in removing acne scars. It helps in building new cells in the skin and provides healthy glow to skin also. Fenugreek seeds can also prove to be useful in scar treatment. Take a few fenugreek seeds, dissolve it in water. Boil it for 5 minutes. After cooling wash the area with this. Washing with fenugreek water also add glow on the face.  Apply a mashed banana on the scar and wash it after ten minutes. Laser method is the permanent though the expensive way to get rid of scars. Larger scars need chemical peel which should be done by trained professional.