4 Ways To Remove Stain From Your Teeth

4 Ways To Remove Stain From Your Teeth

Who does not want pearl like white sparkling teeth. Beautiful teeth enhance the beauty of the face. It looks very attractive when you smile and your sparkling teeth are shown in between your lips. But some times it is seen that because of various reason our teeth gets stain.

We become very embarrassed without knowing what to do. The reason of getting stain can be many – improper brushing, excessive smoking, addiction to tea and coffee, side effects of brushing and what not. There are ways to remove those stains permanently. The easiest way to remove those stains is to go to the dentist or beauty therapist who will give you a cosmetic treatment.  But you can clean your teeth at home with the help of few home remedies. Clean your teeth twice daily to resist stain.

Baking Soda For Remove Teeth Stain

Hold the brush properly and make up and down stroke to clean your teeth. Let the dirt accumulate on the corner of the   teeth. Stay away from smoking because nicotine leave yellowish tinge on your teeth. Tea and coffee also make your teeth yellow. So wash your teeth with plain water immediately after taking tea or coffee.

To make your teeth white, baking soda is excellent. Take a little amount of soda and mix it with your paste. Brush our teeth with that paste. Baking soda has a natural bleaching effect.  Another most excellent thing to clean your teeth is guava. Take unripe, green guava. Bite it and chew continuously.

Guava Leaves For Remove Teeth Stain

Chewing guava will make your teeth clean. Moreover you will feel a smooth feeling on teeth. Guava leaves are also excellent for teeth. Tear them into small pieces and rub over your teeth. See your teeth sparkles after rubbing it by guava leaf. You can also make a tooth whitening powder at home. Take some leaves, burn them and collect the ash. This ash is very effective to make your teeth white. Squeeze one lemon and add little amount of salt in it. Mix it well. Massage that mixture on your teeth.

Do not massage harshly because granules of salt may remove the enamel of your teeth. Massage gently so that only the stain is removed. Instead of lime juice, you can also take vinegar. Strawberry also helps to clean your teeth properly. Mash one strawberry, and massage the pulp on your teeth. Your teeth will get pink. Keep that in that position for ten minutes. After that wash it with plain water.

Strawberry For Remove Teeth Stain

To enhance the whitening quality of strawberry you can mix lime juice and little amount of salt with it. Eating apple everyday also helps to make your teeth white.  Take one ripe apple, mash the pulp and massage it everyday on your teeth. It really works.  Soft and thin branches of neem tree, when used as brush, make your teeth white. Take a soft branch, chew the upper portion to make it like brush. Then brush your teeth everyday. It not only will clean your teeth properly, it will make your teeth strong.  But take new branch everyday. Do not reuse it.

Apple For Remove Teeth Stain

Ways To Remove Stain From Your Teeth