4 Home Remedies To Remove Stretch Marks


4 Remedies To Remove Stretch Marks Stretch marks refer to scars on your skin that can be caused by an array of factors, such as pregnancy or any other condition where the skin growth happens rapidly. The skin gets scarred or stretched when such rapid growth takes place because in that condition the skin finds it very difficult to adjust to the growth. Though there are expensive treatments like laser therapies available out there that claim to remove these marks permanently, you can also consider using some simple home remedies for stretch marks and get the problem cured naturally without spending a fortune. Following is a brief rundown on some of the proven completely natural remedies that you can try at home.

Remedies To Remove Stretch Marks Using Home

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter For Stretch Marks When it comes to preventing and healing stretch marks, the use of cocoa butters can be very beneficial. When you use it regularly everyday, the elastic ability of your skin improves and the marks start to disappear. The best thing about this natural remedy is that it also prevents the future occurrences of such marks. You can apply it 2-3 times daily directly to all the affected skin areas, including buttocks, thighs, hips, stomach and any other part of the body. Besides rubbing the hard stick of cocoa butter directly on to the skin, you can also try a cocoa butter lotion or a cocoa butter body wash.


Exfoliatio is also used as one of the most common and highly effective home remedies for stretch marks. The procedure is a simple one; all you have to do is to use a body wash that is capable to exfoliate the skin and then you can use a loofah brush or sponge to scrub off the dead layer on the affected areas while you are taking a bath. Here it is important to note that you do not have to scrub all the parts; just focus on the areas that are affected with streatch marks.

Exfoliation For Stretch Marks

Wheat Germ Oil

The high quality of essential fatty acids, lecithin and vitamin that wheat germ oil contains also prove to be very beneficial in curing stretch marks. But, in order to get much better results, you are advised to use this oil after diluting it with sweet almond oil or olive oil. Besides that, it is also important for you to keep in mind that this oil can be very sticky and has strong odor.

Wheat Germ Oil For Stretch Marks

Therefore, it is always better to use this home remedy for stretch marks while you are sitting in private, most probably at bedtime. You just have to rub this oil on the affected skin areas regularly on a daily basis and you will definitely see how the marks start disappearing within just a couple of weeks. There are plenty of other natural ingredients also that can be used as effective home remedies for stretch marks, such as lavender, coffee grinds, Aloe Vera and others But, no matter which remedy you are using, you must also focus on drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins K, C, E and A, such as green, leafy vegetables.

Rich Food For Stretch Marks


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