How to Remove Unsightly Facial Hair

Not only men but some women too have a thick growth of hair on the face. This can be quiet embarrassing. Fortunately there are several temporary and permanent procedures available to get rid of your woes. You need to be very careful about hair removal on your face as if you are not you may end up looking like you’ve been in the forest for a few years.

You have the option of shaving your facial hair; but you must remember that this is a temporary solution and there are chances that the hair may grow back thicker and quicker. This form of hair removal is not recommended for women; especially for facial hair. You can choose to tweeze the hair. This is a painful process as you are required to pinch each hair follicle independently. It is also time consuming. But since you are removing the hair from the root you are assured that it will take longer to grow back.

You can also opt to use a hair removal cream. It is safe to use it on your skin; however if you have sensitive skin then you may want to do a patch test first. If you suffer from acne then you may want to avoid using these creams as they may aggravate the condition and increase the itching sensation.

You also have the option of waxing your face; however this increases the risk of wrinkles as you pull the skin in the process of hair removal. You must also avoid waxing areas that have been sun burnt or have any form of rash or skin irritation. All these are temporary solutions and you would be required to follow up with treatments every few weeks.

There are a few permanent solutions that you may opt for. Electrolysis is a method where electric currents are used to destroy the hair follicles in order to prevent them from growing. The treatment is extremely effective but it is also very painful.

You can also consider laser treatments. This is an effective way to get rid of hair on your face. The treatments are expensive and time consuming as you will need to go through several sessions to get the results that you desire.