How to Save Your Skin During Winter

If you have dry skin then you must be dreading the winter months. The dryness in the air causes your skin to feel itchy and cracks all over your body. Not only your face but the skin on your entire body feels pulled and you feel uneasy. No amount of creams and lotions help you out and in this case it is best to use a few home remedies. Remember that you need to layer several products onto the surface of your skin. People with oily or combination skin do not suffer as much during the winter as those with dry skin do. Those with dry skin suffer from lack of hydration in their skin and hence they need to hydrate their skin internally as well as externally.

You need to drink plenty of water even during the colder months of the year. This helps to moisturize your skin and prevent the itchy skin. Remember that there are several products in your kitchen cabinet and refrigerator that will help you to take care of your dry skin.

As tempted as you may be to have a hot shower; you must avoid doing so during winter as the hot water will cause further damage to your skin. A warm bath or shower will be perfect. Rub salt all over your body after your bath; this will remove all the dead skin cells on the skin surface. After this wash off the remains of the salt with some water and massage your body with Almond oil immediately after.

If your hands look and feel extremely dry then you must wash them in warm water and pat then dry with a clean towel. After that apply vinegar on your hands and wear gloves. Doing this in the night helps as you will not have to expose your hands for a few hours.

Avoid drinking alcohol if you have dry skin that is itching. The alcohol will absorb the water in your skin and lack of moisture will lead to an itching sensation on the skin. Your skin will begin to crack if it suffers from lack of moisture for an extended period of time. Cracked skin is more prone to wrinkles and premature aging and hence you need to pay attention to your skin.