How To Settle Your Stomach With Ginger


Settle Your Stomach With Ginger

Ginger, biologically known as Zingiber officinale, is one of the best herbs that can be used to settle the stomach. I know of many women who swear by it for most of their problems related to the stomach.

Are you a person who get’s sea sick when you go on a wonderful cruise trip? You need not swear that you will never conme sea sailing after this, as you can just have those candies with ginger in them handy and just suck one of them that would cure you of nausea, dizziness and motion sickness. I am sure it works and will settle your stomach.


The same is applicable for those who go on long trips in the car or buses and have that invariable tendency to feel sick. You could just have a few of those ginger candies with lemon in them and feel real fresh and good afterwards. Having ginger leamon tea would also help to settle your stomach.

morning sickness

Get over your morning sickness during pregnancy by using ginger. Just grate a little of ginger and put it into a cup of tea and boil it for five minutes and drink it first thing in the morning. You can prevent and get over morning sickness and enjoy every day of your pregnancy. Having lemon and ginger juice or ginger beer could also help alleviate symtoms and make you settle your stomach.

migraine headaches

Ginger is excellent to settle your stomach and helps you get over the unpleasnt nausea and vommiting symptoms after undergoing a major surgey or a long attack of flu or any other ailment. Ginger taken with lemon juice can help you feel better and create an appetite to eat better. Besides use ginger for getting relief from migraine headaches and also to treat ulcers.

menstrual cramp

Did you know that ginger also helps to get over those menstrual cramps and was an antispasmodic. Ginger also helps the menstual flow and gives a lot of relief.


Use of ginger for those symptoms of cold, cough, and sinusitis problems is well known to all of us. Having a tea with ginger, a bit of black pepper and basil leaf gives great relief and also helps to eliminate the mucus easily.To conclude, have ginger in the form of candies or crystalized form in your handbag at all time, for you never know when you or someone dear to you may need it. Stomach is a very delicate organ and anyone at any time may need it to settle their stomach. We should be thankful to have such a herb to help us at all times.