How to Shave your Legs to Avoid Ingrown Hair

When we are strapped for time we often choose to shave our legs rather than have them waxed. In this case care must be taken to shave the area well so as to avoid damage to the skin and ingrown hair.

Before you begin shaving your legs, soak them in a bucket of warm water. This helps to soften the hair on your legs. Then use a gentle exfoliating scrub on your legs in order to get all the hair to be visible, including the fine hairs that may not be big enough to be seen.

After exfoliating your feet, use soap or a shaving cream and lather your skin. This helps you to shave your skin with gentle smooth strokes. Care must be taken to use a shaving cream that is especially made for women. Products with natural base or moisturizing lotions are a good option.

You need to start saving from the ankles and move upwards. Hold the razor steady and move in long gentle strokes. Avoid frequent strokes on the same area. Rinse the razor in warm water after every stroke. This helps to get rid of the hair that gets stuck between the razor blades. This also helps to keep the razor wet so that it glides well across your legs.

Shave the entire leg until you have gotten rid of all the lather on your skin. Now wash off the area with warm water.

Wipe you legs with a clean dry towel and then check for any portions that may have been missed. If you have had a successful shave then you can proceed to completing the last step.

Use a moisturizing lotion or gel on your legs to close the pores and moisturize your skin. This helps to take care of any cuts that may have resulted from the shaving. Aloe Vera gel is extremely helpful for using after saving your legs.