How To Soothe a Burn and Prevent a Scar

A burn is most common to women who spend time in the kitchen getting dinners and lunches ready in a hurry.I remember many of those. I also remember the endless burns that I got when I was learning to ride my bike; the number of times I fell and the bike with a hot piston burning my skin is something I wish not to experience ever again.


A burn not only stings for a few days; it also leaves a scar and one must take care to prevent the skin getting scarred. There are a few remedies that you can use to soothe the skin and prevent a scar from appearing.

Tips To Soothe a Burn and Prevent a Scar

The most obvious thing to do when you get burnt is to wash the skin with cold water. Never use ice on the area as it generates heat internally and this will increase the intensity of the burning sensation once you remove the cold compress. After this dab a clean towel on the area to prevent any infection and use a mild anti septic cream on the area to reduce the burning sensation.


Egg whites are extremely soothing. Simply separate the white of the egg from the yolk and apply the whites to the area that has been burned. If you apply it immediately after the burn then it will reduce the reddening and prevent scarring. It will soothe the skin and cause a cooling effect.


If you experience pain as a result of the burn then you must dab a spoon full of honey on the affected area. This honey will help to soothe the skin and gives you great relief. You can use honey on the area a few times a day for the next few days to ensure that the skin does not scar.


Never cover a burn; this will lead to puss forming. In order to reduce the pain you can also apply toothpaste to the affected area. Do not wash it off but let it dry and keep applying the toothpaste to the affected area till you are not able to see anymore scars. This will help to prevent any boils from forming as a result of the burn.