How to Soothe Bursitis and Tendinitis the Natural Way

Many of us may have suffered severe pain and tightness in the joints due to overwork or some bruise. This could be due to tendinitis, which is an inflammation of the tendons that connect the muscle to the bone. An inflammation of the bursas, the fluid filled sacs that decrease the friction in the joints could also cause such aches and pains. A sudden increase in activity or some abnormal posture or action can cause bursitis and tendinitis and cause a sudden stop in the regular activities of a person. However one can soothe bursitis and tendinitis in the most natural way.

One of the most natural ways to soothe the pain in bursitis and tendinitis is to put all your faith on ice. Cold compresses by placing ice packs work much better than hot compresses as far as pain is concerned. Ice packs can be used every hour and placed for a period not exceeding twenty minutes. There will soon be a reduction in the pain and swelling. However one should not resume one’s daily routine until the pain and swelling is fully gone. But one can do exercises to make the muscles strong and lessen the chances on a future injury.

Massaging by rubbing the tendons gently and slowly help better especially in the case of tendinitis. This helps to wear down the scar tissue in the tendon. Massages can be given for a period of ten to fifteen minutes and can be repeated on a regular basis for a few weeks. However in the case of bursitis, one should not massage the affected area directly because it will increase the swelling further. However massage over the general area would help soothe it because of increase in blood circulation. A massage or muscular therapist would be in the best position to help one to help soothe both bursitis and tendinitis in a natural way.

The Alexander technique could teach one how to use the body effectively, which could help not only to soothe bursitis and tendinitis, but also to avoid it in future. Tendinitis, which is caused due to repeated strain on the tendon by using it often when it is already out of alignment. So one can learn to use ones body more efficiently to avoid or lessen the pulls and strains on the tendons. One can soothe bursitis which leads to inflammation when the bursa is irritated by learning and changing the way one conducts moves in doing those activities. Like if one has bursitis in the shoulder one can soothe and prevent further damage by learning how to improve the alignment of ones head, neck and spine.

In addition bursitis and tendinitis can be soothed and avoided if one learns how to balance both sides of ones body well. One should use both sides of the body equally like both the hands and both the legs equally to keep the body in correct alignment. In addition one should move from the center of the body to avoid problems in the extremities. Like when one plays a ball game like tennis or baseball one should take care that the swing comes from the pelvis region to avoid strain to the arm and elbows.

To end, dear friends believe you can soothe and take care to prevent bursitis and tendinitis by the most natural way.

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