How to Stop Anxiety When it Attacks

We all live stressful lives; it’s like a fashion statement these days. A simple task like getting the kids ready for school and you reaching the office on time can cause anxiety. Reading in church, speaking in public, the first date, the SATs all of these can cause you to panic and have an anxiety attack. There are several ways to deal with these emotions and reduce the possibility of an attack.

One of the best ways to prevent an anxiety attack is to exercise; and I don’t mean only when you feel stressed out; you need to exercise regularly. A workout for 30 minutes daily will help you to de- stress and relax. When you exercise your body releases toxins; these are the agents in your body that increase your stress levels. Exercises like aerobics, walking and jogging help to decrease your stress levels.

You can look at herbal ways to reduce your stress too. Herbs like chamomile, lavender and ginger are helpful in relieving stress. The best part about herbal remedies is that you need not fear about the side effects that they have on your body as they are completely natural. Blend ginger in your morning cup of tea on days that you feel particularly stressed out. The spicy pungent flavor will tease your senses and release negativity. St. John’s wart is another herb that you can use when you are trying to combat depression. You can use aroma therapy essential oils in your bath to help to reduce stress levels. These ease the stress that you are under by calming your senses and relaxing your muscles.

When you feel extremely stressed out; relax. Take a deep breath; hold it in for a few seconds and then release the tension. As you exhale you will begin to feel lighter. This happens because you send huge pockets of oxygen to your brain when you inhale and hold your breath. Continue this exercise till you feel calm.

Avoid taking drugs like antibiotics and suppressants to help you to calm down. The chemical composition in the drugs can have adverse effects on your body and can lead to multiple side effects. Alcohol seems to be a tempting choice to reduce anxiety; however it only causes damage to your body and hence must be avoided.