How to Stop Biting your Finger Nails

While most people would find it repulsive to find a person biting his or her fingernails; it is unfortunately a habit for many and a difficult one to get rid off. For some the habit occurs when they are nervous for others it may be something that they started doing out of sheer boredom and are now unable to get rid of the habit.

Home remedies to take care of your problem

Some people have tried desperately to get rid of this however they are not able to do so. For these individuals hypnotherapy works best. The therapist will lure you into deep slumber whereby the reason for the nail biting will be revealed via a question – answer session. Post that you will either be able to rectify the problem yourself. You can also ask the therapist to take you through another round of therapy to eliminate the issues and your habit. This should be done only in extreme cases where nail biting affects your work and life or becomes a hindrance to daily activities.

For less severe cases, there are several simple techniques.

Buy a bitter formula specially formulated for nail biting. These are available at all local drug stores. Choose the worst tasting one that you can find. Wash your hands every morning with soap and water and towel dry them. Apply a generous amount of solution on your finger nails, cuticles and the surrounding skin. Reapply the solution during the day. Reapply the solution at bedtime to avoid nail biting sessions while you are sleeping. You must be careful if you apply the solution and must wash your hands before cooking or eating as the bitter taste will transfer onto foods that you touch.

Another technique involves applying acrylic nails as this helps the biting process completely. The acrylic taste will repel you from biting your nails in the future.

If all else fails then cut your nails to a minimal and you will automatically stop biting them as there will be nothing there to bite.