How to Stop Snoring

I remember visiting my family during the summer holidays to realize that I came from a family of snorers. The noise that they released into the world at night would scare away the animals in the forest. While I realized that they would be handy to take with me for camps; I was determined to cure them so that I could get a few hours of rest every night that I planned to be there. Luckily, I was aware of some simple tricks that would help to cure them without them getting too suspicious of what I was doing.

There are a few causes why a person may snore. Obesity, allergies, cold and sinusitis, alcohol and sleeping on your back may cause you to snore during the night. Controlling your weight if you are obese is the first thing that you can do to help you with the issue. It has dual benefits in any case.

Consume a lot of Vitamin C. It helps to improve your overall health while taking care of your allergies as well. Green tea, oranges, grapes and grape seeds are common cures that are high in their Vitamin C content.

Avoid sleeping on your back to get rid of the issue. Sleeping on your side or your stomach will help ease the problem. Use a few extra pillows to elevate your head higher than the rest of your body. This helps to have better breathe control and clears your nasal canal from any decongestion.

Avoid drinking alcohol at night before you sleep. Alcohol relaxes the throat muscles and clears your throat muscles and narrows the passage way of the air flow thus making it difficult to breath.

Avoid drinking milk and eating any dairy products before going to bed. This causes mucus to build up and increases the possibilities of you snoring at night.