4 Ways To Tackle The Wheezing Menace

4 Ways To Tackle The Wheezing Menace

When you have trouble breathing you let out high pitched sound from your nose, this is called wheezing.It can disrupt the quality of your life and hamper social interactions. This happens when your nasal canal is filled with mucus and you are trying to take deep breaths. Infections, irritations and illnesses leads to wheezing. It is more common when exhaling. It may also be a sign of asthma.

Ways To Tackle the Wheezing Menace

If you have shown signs of wheezing in the past then you must be careful not to have cold beverages. Swap these with fruit juices, mild blends of tea and water to ease the wheezing. These liquids will help you to get rid of the mucus build up in the nasal canal.

Tea For Wheezing Menace

With regards to remedies there are plenty to choose from. I suggest home or herbal remedies however if you do not get any relief then you may opt for mild anti biotics to help you out.

You can try a steam inhalation therapy where you inhale water that has been boiled with carom seeds in it. The aroma of the seeds will help you to get rid of the mucus build up thereby eliminating the chance of wheezing. You can also try using eucalyptus oil in the water that you use to inhale.

Carom Seeds For Wheezing Menace

In the initial stages you can boil milk with garlic crushed in it. You can also try blending garlic in you tea or chewing on pieces of garlic.

Milk With Garlic For Wheezing Menace

Drink a spoon of lime or lemon juice first thing in the morning to eliminate the mucus build up in the respiratory passage. This will ease the wheezing and prevent any embarrassment during the day.

Analyze if there are any allergens that are causing the wheezing and eliminate them if possible. You may be allergic to certain foods that cause the reaction so you may want to check on those as well.

Lemon Juice For Wheezing Menace

Hypnosis works like a charm to get rid of the wheezing. Get a professional to help you out and you will be able to get rid of your wheezing in no time.

Tackle The Wheezing Menace