How To Take Care Of Itchy And Dry Skin In Winter

Winter is the time when skin problems trouble you. It is the time when you should pay more attention to your skin. You cannot neglect your skin in winter because if you neglect, it will trouble you more. So here are some ways to take care of your skin during winter.

The most common skin problem in winter is that skin becomes dry and rough. The skin of palms and soles crack due to dry weather. The skin all over the body becomes itchy. It becomes rough and appears whitish due to fine scaling.

To cure all these problems the most important thing to do is moisturise your skin on daily basis. Apply moisturiser twice daily on every part of your skin. Make sure the moisturiser is oil based lotion as it spreads better than cream.

Another effective things to apply oil like jojoba oil or coconut oil on your body and especially on palms and soles. Take any oil and massage your skin twice a week. It helps to nurture the natural oils that are lost during winter. Also increase your water intake. Thirst is reduced in winter but still you should drink lot of water as rough weather dehydrates your skin and makes it rough as well.

Also exfoliate your skin once a week. During winter, the formation of dead cells is increased. So it is necessary to exfoliate your skin on regular basis. Exfoliation helps to remove the dead cells and gives your skin a fresh look. Use a good scrub and exfoliate gently.

The skin has already become sensitive in winter and harsh scrubbing can harm your delicate skin. Pat dry the skin after exfoliation and use a winter cream on the face. This will make the skin soft.

Along with all these methods, it is important to protect the skin from the dry and windy winter weather. So always use protective clothing like scarf, gloves, mufflers to protect the skin of face and hands. Use winter creams for lips as lips are commonly and strongly affected by cold. Also do not stop using sunscreen in winter. All these methods will surely solve all your skin problems in winter.