How to Take Care of Your Face and Look Radiant

3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Face And Look Radiant

If you think that the only way you are going to get a flawless radiant complexion is to slather on rich and expensive creams and lotions on your face then you are wrong. It is not the amount of money that you pay for your beauty products but the amount of time you take out of your busy schedule to take care of your face that matters. You need not visit a spa regularly either; you can get the same treatments done in the comfort of your home for just a fraction of the cost. A few simple home remedies will help you to get flawless glowing skin and a radiant complexion.

Almond Oil

Focus on your entire body and not just your face. Most women focus so much on their face that the skin on their face and the rest of their body does not match. Start by preparing yourself an indulgent bath once a week. Pour a few spoons of milk powder, a spoon of almond oil and a few drops of rose water into a liter of water. Mix all of them well and pour the liquid into a warm bath. The natural products will moisturize your skin and leave it moist and nourished.

Do not use soap on your face; instead choose an herbal face wash. This will enhance the tone of your skin and improves your complexion. Use almond oil on your skin once a week and massage it for 20 to 30 minutes. The massage will improve the circulation and the oil will give your skin essential nutrients that will give it a natural glow.

Rose Water

You must also make sure that the herbal washes and soaps that you use on your skin do not cause any allergic reactions. In most cases herbs are neutral and do not cause any allergies but you must keep a watch for any skin reactions. Start by experimenting with the ones that suit your skin type as well.

Use a face scrub occasionally to get rid of the dead skin and blackheads on your face. You may use the face scrub all over your body to exfoliate your skin. A few drops of lemon juice and sugar make an excellent scrub.

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