How to treat a nosebleed

Have you ever watched a boxing event live or on television? Have you noticed that when an assertive boxer boxes his opponent’s nose it usually tends to bleed? This could happen to you too even if you are not a boxer. The nosebleed is called epistaxis and could crop up by the simple act of a vigorous picking of the nose! Constant sinusitis, low humidity, forceful blowing of your nose and even the use of aspirin could cause a nosebleed. As long as it is a frontal nosebleed and first aid at home will do. But, what if the nose bleeds at the back of the nose? During such a time, professional help is needed.

You may wonder. Why such a hue and cry for a simple nosebleed? Okay. But, do you know how to treat yourself during a nosebleed? The common mistakes that we tend to make during a nosebleed is to lie down. Don’t ever do that! Secondly, do not tilt your head backwards, a common error. You could choke on your own blood! What you should do is this:
·Firstly, tilt your head forward to reduce the bleeding.
·Pinch your nose with your thumb and forefinger for about 10 minutes.
·Place a cold ice pack on the bridge of your nose so that the blood flow to the nose is reduced.
·Finally, inhale the fumes of equal amounts of salt, vinegar and lemon juice. The bleeding will stop.

That was a first aid treatment. However, if your nose bleeds for more than 15 minutes of pressure and blood flows from both the nostrils then, you need to be alarmed and consult a doctor. Also, remember, constant bleeding every other day could be an indication of leukaemia or nasal tumour.

So, the next time you rub your nose violently, be wary. You could be causing a nose haemorrhage inadvertently. Treat your nose with care and remember the easy tips to a nosebleed self help.