How To Treat a Shiny Face and Prevent Excess Oil Secretion

3 Tips To Treat A Shiny Face And Prevent Excess Oil Secretion

Everyone wants to look youthful and have skin that has a soft and dewy look however sometimes the skin is too shiny and is a dilemma that some people have to deal with. People who have oily skin tend to have a shiny face due to excessive oil secretions from the skin. This also makes it difficult for those who are troubled from this condition to wear makeup as the oily skin tends to make the makeup run. There are a few home remedies that you could use to help you deal with oily and excessively shiny skin.

Avoid rubbing your face

The primary first thing that you need to do to treat shiny skin is to change the cleansing routine that you use. Avoid rubbing your face to hard and vigorously as this stimulates the amount of oil that the skin generates. Rubbing would aggravate the skin cells that produce oil causing a higher production of oil to occur. Make sure that you use a cleanser that is oil free however be careful not to use detergent based cleansers as well as these could cause damage to your skin especially if you have sensitive skin or if you’re allergic to detergents.


Neutrogena is a good oily skin soap that you could use to help you cleanse your skin effectively. Oil can also be dissolved and removed from the skin with the help off warm water which you should use to wash your face. Also remember not to over do it and wash your face to often. Once you have washed your face dry your skin with a towel however avoid rubbing it dry.

oily skin soap

You now need to use an astringent to help you further reduce the shine. Astringents are available for specific skin types and you should opt for one that is designed for oily skin. Avoid an astringent that contains alcohol as this could cause too much of skin drying. You could try using witch hazel as an astringent as it is effective in absorbing excessive oil from the skin with out stripping it off all moisture.

If you use a moisturizer use it only on skin areas that appear to be dry. Avoid using it on the rest of the skin. Use an oil blotting paper to soak up any excess oil that you may notice on your skin. Keep them handy and use them whenever you require them. If you use powder then make sure that it is an oil-free pressed powder as it helps to improve skin appearance.