How to Treat Allergies by Using Nutrients

Allergy is used as a term to describe the reaction by the body to a substance which might not be harmful but can causes immune response and reactions that leads to the symptoms and ailments in a disposed individual.

Some allergies can be easily identified due to their obvious pattern of symptoms trailing the introduction to certain substances. For example, if a person constantly sneezes whenever he is around the cats, then it must be taken for granted that he has allergies to cats.

There are a lot of ways for treating the allergies. The best way to treat the allergies is by avoiding the causes of allergies or the allergen. But that is not always possible. Hence steps should be taken so as to reduce the exposure to the allergens.

There are some kinds of food that help to minimize allergies. These types of nutrients are known to work wonders for the individual suffering from the problem.

Vitamin C: This vitamin is extremely popular due to its ability to minimize the allergic reactions. A large number of histamines are hereby reduced with the intake of vitamin C thereby making the sufferer feel a lot better.

Another common reaction that takes place with the onset of allergies is that the air passages become quite narrow thereby minimizing the flow of the air. Intake of vitamin C helps to reverse this process.

Magnesium: Asthma attacks can also be caused from allergies. The main problem that the individual faces with the onset of asthma attack is that there is constriction of the airways in the lungs. Studies have proved that this mineral has the capability to widen the constriction of the air passages that are common at the time of asthma attack.

Magnesium should be ingested as per the required dose because overdose can cause diarrhea. Some of the fruits, foods and vegetables rich in magnesium are bananas, nuts, whole grains, green vegetables etc.

Bioflavonoids: Bioflavonoids are the chemical compounds that are found in rich quantities cherries, citrus fruits, peppers, grapes and broccoli and even in teas. These compounds are known to work wonders for the allergy sufferers.