How To Treat An Infected Cut Or Scrape With Natural Treatments

Children are popular for coming home with nicks and cuts and bruises due to the innumerable activities that they indulge in. In order to treat these issues and prevent infections one needs to pay attention to the wounds. This can be done with the help of a few simple remedies that you can brew up at home.

As soon as you notice a bruise of any sort you need to clean the area well in order to prevent any germs and bacteria from spreading. Wash the area with warm water and a mild anti septic in order to get rid of any mud or dirt that may be collected in the area. After the area is clean use honey as a topical treatment.

Honey is organic and is well known for its healing powers. Soak a ball in warm water and then dip it in some honey. Apply a thick layer of honey on the area and let it stay for a few hours. Wash off the area with warm water. You will notice that the swelling and inflammation is reduced and this paves the way for healing. Cover the area with a band aid if the wound is minor or a bandage if the wound is a secondary wound. Cover the wound at night and you will see an improvement in the morning.

If the wound is bleeding profusely then you must dab turmeric powder on the wound immediately. This helps to stop the loss of blood. Let the powder stay on the wound for a few minutes; when you notice the bleeding has stopped then you can go ahead and wash of the wound to get rod of any dirt.

If the wounds have any splinters of wood or glass in them then you must ensure that you remove all splinters with tweezers and pour hydrogen peroxide on the area in order to get rid of any infection that may have been caused. Pour the liquid till it bubbles and when this happens your healing process begins.