How to Treat and Protect Oneself from Candidiasis

Candidiasis is a yeast fungus that affects three out of four women at some time of their life. The fungus that aids digestion runs wild and puts an end to the lactobacilli that helps protect any woman from infection. There could be a severe itching in the genital region accompanied by a white clump discharge. It is important to find out the cause of the problem before one treats or avoids the problem.

Generally this discharge that indicates candidiasis is seen just before one’s monthly menstrual cycle. This discharge is also noticed in people who are on pills. The vagina becomes less acidic and there is a decrease in the amount of good bacteria. The yeast multiples rapidly. Protecting oneself from enemies like antibiotics, laundry detergents, deodorants, wet bathing suits, skintight jeans, spermicides and IUDs will help. In addition your sexual mate may harbor yeast at the tip of his penis and also in the mouth. So it is best to protect oneself from sex both genital and oral to lessen the chances of candidiasis.

The gynecologist will be able to gauge the level of yeast infection and will prescribe anti fungal creams and tablets like Clorimazole, Fluconazole to treat candidiasis. It is best to avoid sex while using these creams. If one is prone to candidiasis infection repeatedly it is best that one’s sexual mate to the doctor so that he too can be treated. Even if he does not have any symptoms it would definitely help to protect oneself in future. Spermicide free condoms could also help a woman to have sex and also protect oneself from candidiasis.

Cleanliness and hygiene are methods that could help to protect oneself from candidiasis. Make sure to change quickly from wet clothing after a bath or swim. Besides it is best to use a glycerin-based soap and wipe the vagina dry. Avoid using antiseptics, sprays and deodorants. Keep aside those synthetic panties and wear pure cotton panties. Besides changing them twice a day and removing them at night before retiring to bed helps to prevent oneself from candidiasis. Put aside your tight fitting clothes like jeans and get dressed in those cool skirts, pajamas and loose trousers. In addition avoid cayenne, garlic, curd and banana.

To sum up, any woman can surely get easily treated and can also help oneself to prevent candidiasis by following all the above-discussed tips.