How to Treat Cracked Heels?

To avoid the growth of the cracked heels it’s also better to adopt some preventive measures before hand. One such is to avoid keeping your foot on the floor without slippers or shoes. If it not possible then try to wear socks most of the time. This will treat the problem even before it starts. Use some cream to remove dryness of the foot.

A very effective herbal cure for treating cracked heels is to use vegetable oil over the affective area and leave for some time. The coating should be a thicker one and the application should be given only after a gentle wash of the feet.

You can use an herbal therapy in which you need to mix some three to four lemons in a bucket of Luke warm water and dip your foot into it. Make them stay for some time. This would really help in giving a soothing touch to the feet.

You can also give a gentle massage with liquid soap mixed in water. Keep you feet inside for some time and repeat it for few days especially before going to bed. You should use scrub for proper cleaning of the foot. This would really be helpful in removing all the unwanted dust and cure the problem effectively.