How to Treat Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes as we all know is when the body stops producing enough insulin which is essential for the body to absorb glucose. Glucose is basically converted sugar and is fuel for the body cells. It’s just like a car which depends on petrol to make sure that it can propel itself forward. If the car runs out of fuel it stops similarly if the body runs out of glucose or is unable to absorb the glucose present it stops functioning normally. As a result a diabetic needs to constantly inject himself/herself with insulin to help the body absorb glucose. If the glucose is not being utilized by the cells it gets accumulated in the blood. If there is a constant high level of glucose present in the blood this could lead to damage of the kidneys, the heart the eyes or the nerves.

There are a few natural remedies which can be used to keep your diabetes under control however before trying anything herbal please consult your doctor as it could interact along with the current medication that you are on and cause complications. Though I have never heard about herbs and spices having a negative effect on the body please be warned that diabetes is a life-threatening illness and you should adopt any treatment only after consulting with a professional and under supervision.

Ginseng is an herb that is used in the control of blood sugar levels. It is basically made into a tea and can be had directly. Ginseng tea bags are available which can be brewed like a normal tea or one can opt for the herb directly which should be available at local stores. The ginseng should be cut into thin slivers and boiled. Strain the brew and have it plain. This method also allows you to add as much of the herb as you want in order to make the brew stronger or lighter. Cinnamon has also be found to help in the control of glucose levels in the blood.

Apart from this some studies have shown that mineral supplements such as magnesium, chromium and zinc have also helped in controlling diabetes.

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