How to Treat Hip Pain

How to Treat Hip Pain

Problem of hip pain can occur due to strains in muscles or hip joints, or by arthritis, bursitis, or tendonitis. When a person gets affected by hip pain, it becomes very difficult to make normal motions easily. Thus, bending, climbing or even walking becomes painful. Hip pain not necessarily cause ache over the hip.

The pain can be felt in your back or thigh. Hip pain commences gradually, when the flow of blood is not sufficient to the hip. In case the pain is caused due to hip fracture, it must be treated medically with proper consultation of doctor.

Hip Pain Treatment at Home

Some easy home care tips can relieve the problem of hip pain. It is a time consuming process, you cannot expect immediate result. You must stop doing all the activities that might worsen the pain.

Put Leg On A Pillow For Hip Pain

While sleeping, remember to put a pillow between the legs and sleep on the side, which is not painful. If you continue to do this regularly, you will notice improvement. Then you can slowly start exercising. But make it a point to do only under the guidance of a professional Physiotherapist. Swimming and walking are two very good exercises but only when your body permits.

Medical Treatment

If your hip is constantly aching or you are feeling severe back pain, consider the reason for the ache. If due to any of the following reasons you are having hip pain, do not try to work it out at home, visit doctor immediately.

You must visit hospital when –
-You not able to make any hip movement
-You cannot stand any weight

Visit Doctor For Hip Pain
-Your hip is very badly hurt
-Hip pain is causing rash or fever
-Other joints are also paining along with hips
-You are not getting any relief after taking care of your hip for a week

Treatment of  Hip Pain