How To Treat Hives Naturally!

Hives are common skin disorders which are also known as Urticaria. These are an outcome of skin allergy. People, who are an easy target of allergies, usually suffer from hives. It may appear on any part of the body due to allergic reaction from food or any sort of medication. Children often become an easy target of hives because they are unable to figure out whether they are allergic to some food or not.

If you are an easy victim of allergies, you should avoid foods like eggs, sea fishes, shellfish, lobsters and crabs. Medicines like antibiotics and high dose pain killers may often cause allergies too. Sometimes allergy towards any insect bite may become a reason for hives. Viral skin infections may also lead to appearance of hives on the skin. If you scratch your skin excessively, hives may appear without any specific reason!

They look like slightly raised, red blotchy patches on the skin. Hives rashes cause irritation and itching on the skin which sometimes leads to excessive redness of the skin, pain and tremendous burning sensation.

Thankfully, hives can be eradicated with the help of some natural and home remedies. With the use of these substances you can easily soothe your skin and say goodbye to this skin disorder, permanently. In the following paragraphs we will tell you about the natural ingredients that can cure hives.

To stop itching of these allergies, dip a piece of soft cloth in chilled water and compress on the affected area. This will also stop the burning sensation

Milk of magnesia works well in eradicating hives. For this, apply some of these on the affected areas. This solution will reduce the itchy felling and will also help you to get rid of the irritation.

Another excellent home remedy for hives would be soaking your body in cornstarch water. This is an excellent remedy for other skin related fungal infections too. For this, fill half of your bathtub with warm water. Add 1 cup of cornstarch and 1 cup of baking soda to it. Then you have to soak your body in this water for at least 15-20 minutes.

Applying Aloe Vera on the affected can also give you positive results as this herb has the capacity to heal different types of skin rashes and allergies that even medicines can’t eliminate.

You will be surprised to know that stress is a big factor behind the occurrence of hives on your skin. So, stop being stressed out by taking adequate amount of rest and by drinking mint flavored tea.

Calamine lotions are also quite helpful in soothing hives. This will instantly reduce itching as well as burning of the rashes. But it might take some time to completely erase it.

Application of vitamin E oil is also very essential for eliminating hives from your skin.

Generally, hives do not require any serious medical treatment but sometimes along with the rashes some unusual symptoms like nausea, vomiting, weakness, coughs, chest pain, swelling of the lips and throat, breathing trouble etc. may occur. If these situations become uncontrollable, instead of waiting, the victim should immediately seek medical help.