18 Natural Treatment For Osteoarthritis


18 Natural Treatment For Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis occurs due to gradual wearing down of our joints over the years. When the cartilage between bones wears away, the bones tend to rub against one another and cause the osteoarthritis pain.

Most people prefer over-the-counter drugs for instant relief from the pain arising due to osteoarthritis. But natural remedies can bring long-lasting effects. Some of these natural remedies for osteoarthritis are mentioned below.

18 Tips To Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally 

Essential Vitamins and Minerals


Glucosamine For Osteoarthritis

This particular amino sugar empowers the cartilage to retain water and hence repairs weakened cartilage. It also prevents production of those enzymes that weaken or break the cartilage.


It relaxes the muscles besides inhibiting hyaluronidase which otherwise causes synovial fluid.

Magnesium For Osteoarthritis


This form of Vitamin B3 improves joint mobility and reduces inflammation. This also reduces the patient’s dependence on anti-inflammatory medication.

Niacinamide For Osteoarthritis

Vitamin A

It forms bone structures and anti-oxidant properties prove to be of multifarious benefit to the osteoarthritis patients.

Vitamin A For Osteoarthritis

Vitamin C

High intake of vitamin C stops the disease from progressing further. It helps in production of collagen besides repairing the cartilage and healing wounds.

Vitamin C For Osteoarthritis

Vitamin E

This particular anti-oxidant protects cell membranes. It also brings relief to pain caused by osteoarthritis.

Vitamin E For Osteoarthritis

Manganese Ascorbate

This is an essential mineral that the body requires to build connective tissues such as cartilage.

Manganese Ascorbate For Osteoarthritis

Foods and Herbs

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera’s contribution towards rejuvenation of the skin, diabetes, etc. are widely known. Aloe Vera comprises of essential minerals and vitamins that ensure a healthy body. Its anti-inflammatory properties relieve sore muscles. Aloe Vera also contains anti-viral as well as anti-bacterial properties that are beneficial to the body in many ways.

Aloe Vera For Osteoarthritis

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Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Benefits of this essential fatty acid are evident among heart patients but it also alleviates morning stiffness as well as sore joints. Since it cannot be produced by the body, people have to consume cold water fishes such as salmon or mackerel to avail the benefits.

Omega 3 For Osteoarthritis


As a good source of anthocyanidins and pro-anthocyanidins cherries prevent collagen from breaking down.

Cherry For Osteoarthritis

Boswellia Serrata

Osteoarthritis patients have been using Boswellia to get relief from pain. It inhibits leukotrienes’ production in the body and hence brings relief to sore joints. It does not have side effects.

Boswellia Serrata For Osteoarthritis

Raw String Beans

These eliminate uric acid from the body that can potentially aggravate joint pain.

Raw String Beans For Osteoarthritis


Pineapple comprises of Bromelaine enzymes that restore fluid balance and cleans the debris resulting out of fraying cartilage. It stops production of inflammatory compounds and reduces swelling accompanied with pain.

Pineapple For Osteoarthritis

Cayenne Pepper

It contains capsaicin that relieves the pain as well as tenderness caused by osteoarthritis.

Cayenne Pepper For Osteoarthritis


It is a root that contains steroid saponins that helps in the production of cortisone in the body naturally. As it contains vitamins it treats broken bones.

Some of the beneficial foods include barley, celery, millet, oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, kamut, kale, black beans, artichokes, burdock root, beets, endive, sweet potatoes, parsnips, parsley, pecans, yams, watercress, okra, garlic, horseradish, mustard, onions, lemon, pickles and winter squash. These foods help in relieving the pain associated with osteoarthritis due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

Yucca For Osteoarthritis

Lifestyle Changes


Aerobic exercise and weight training strengthen muscles and offer greater support to the body. Aquatic exercise is also a great natural way to alleviate osteoarthritis.

Exercise For Osteoarthritis

Weight Management

Excessive weight put stress on the knees as well as hips thereby worsening osteoarthritis. A balanced diet can help a great deal in this respect.

Weight Management For Osteoarthritis


This ancient practice improves joint function and hence alleviates pain caused by osteoarthritis.

Acupuncture For Osteoarthritis