How to Treat Painful and Swollen Breasts

Pain in the breasts is a common and uncomfortable feeling that women go through. It is not uncommon to feel this pain a few days prior to and during your periods. Your breasts begin to feel sore, heavy and pain. This happens due to the hormonal changes in the body at the time of periods. In some cases the pain in the breast is not related to menstruation at all. In this case there could be an underlying reason for the pain and you must make sure that you check it out.

The food that you eat can have a huge impact on the amount of pain you feel. During the time of your periods you must avoid dairy products that are full fat and choose the skim version and avoid red meats that are high in fats. Eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates like rice and pasta and bread. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and fish during this time.

You must wear a bra that fits your breasts well and helps to alleviate and support the weight of your chest. When you are exercising or sleeping you must wear a sports bra. This helps to decrease the sensitivity in the area.

If the pain is unbearable then you must apply a hot or cold compress to the area. This helps to ease the pain and reduces the amount of pain in the area.

You must avoid the consumption of caffeine completely during your periods or the time when you experience the pain in your breasts. Also avoid drinking sodas and colas that are aerated and carbonated as they add to the bloating and pain in your breast. You must drink plenty of water instead to take care of the pain that you experience. Cutting down on caffeine will help to reduce the symptoms of your periods and will eliminate the heaviness in your breasts.

At this time you must have healthy amounts of Vitamin E. If you do not receive proportionate amounts from your food then you must speak to your doctor about getting them in the supplement form to increase the amounts of the vitamins in your body.