How To Treat Pimples And Blackheads?

My skin gets irritated by the use of chemical medication for blackheads and pimples. Are there any home remedies for treating this problem effectively?

Pimples and blackheads are common problems especially among teenagers. The basic cause behind it is more consumption of oily food and less of water. When the dehydrated body gets ample amount of water, it can reduce the 90% of the problem quite easily. Apart from this the trend for the use of green tea in curing acne is very much getting popularity nowadays. Green tea helps in cleansing the skin as well as the entire body. It also reduces the skin irritations and prevents the further growth of the pimples.

Herbs like Licorice root, calendula and flaxseed oil are best meditations suggested for treating acne because most of the skin problems emerge due to the clogged pores and these herbs help in reducing the inflammation of the skin.

A very famous home remedy for acne is the mixture of honey with cinnamon powder. Apply this mixture gently on the affected areas and wash with warm water.

According to the advice of few experts, applying papaya juice on the skin can also help in reducing pimples and scars. Both lemon and cow’s milk are good for skin. Lemon juice mixed in equal ratio of groundnut oil can be used for treating whiteheads and blackheads.