How to Treat Scurvy

Scurvy is a common disease among children and also among adults. Anemia, general weakness or gum diseases are some of the frequent varieties of scurvy. If a person does not take fresh food or don’t follow a good balanced diet, it often results in scurvy. Inadequate consumption of minerals and vitamins can cause this illness. Mainly, the deficiency of vitamin C causes scurvy. Deficiency of ascorbic acid, which is vitamin C, in the diet results in skin hemorrhage or other varieties if scurvy.

It is very essential to catch-up the symptoms of scurvy. Generally, scurvy’s symptoms appear within some three months time from its formation in the body. Lack of energy, weakness, pains, wounds, irritability and unhealed wounds are some of the symptoms of scurvy. However, the most common symptom of the disease is swollen gums that bleed very often. If the condition further worsens, teeth will become slack and skin will start bleeding. Symptoms of scurvy with infants are tiredness, fall of the rate of weight-growth, lack of appetite, etc. Some infants may find it difficult to move their legs.

Treatment of Scurvy
Scurvy is a dangerous disease that can lead to death of the suffering person. Hence, it is important to notice the symptoms and consult doctor immediately. Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, it is important to follow certain home remedies for scurvy and avoid its formation in the body.

Include lots of vitamin C ingredients in your diet. You meal must include citrus fruits, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, berries, potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, green peppers, etc. Lime juice is also an effective remedy for scurvy. Take a full lemon and extract its fresh juice. Then add teaspoon of honey to a glass of warm water and mix the lemon juice. This drink must be taken two times in a day. Amalaki power is also effective for scurvy. Mix amalaki powder with sugar and take one teaspoon of it with milk before sleeping. Infants must be given sufficient vitamin C ingredients. A glass of orange juice is very beneficial. It is also essential to breastfeed the infants to avoid scurvy.

If we remain conscious, we can easily avoid this menace called scurvy.