11 Ways To Treat Sunburn At Home


Sun burn is a common problem. We all more or less get sunburn almost everyday. Sunburn occurs when we have too much sun exposure. When we go outside, when we are on the beach, we are in the workplace, or we are in anywhere at daytime, we have possibilities of getting sunburn.

 Treat Sunburn At Home

Throughout the year we get sunburn and sun burn happens most in the summer when the sun shines most. Scorching heat of the sunrays burns the upper layer of the skin and turns it black. Unless you take prompt action to remove the sun burn at initial stage, it will be deep and permanent. Moreover, it damages the natural health of the skin. For this reason sun burn should be removed soon and this article will help you in this matter.

Sunburn Treatment At Home

Herbal Sunscreen Lotions

There are various sunscreen lotions available in the market. They are costly and made from inorganic chemicals. They may protect your skin initially but the chemicals used in these lotions ultimately damage the texture of the skin in the long run.

Moreover, they can not protect your skin completely. When you have to use sunscreen lotions use herbal sunscreen lotions all the time and go for the best brand.

Herbal lotion

Cold Water And Ice

To protect your skin from the scorching heat of the sun (what we call as sunburn), wash your skin with cold water again and again and remove the heat from your skin. If the heat persists it continuously burns the skin. After coming back from outside at daytime rub an ice cube on your exposed portion to reduce the heat or you can wash it with chilled water. You will get both benefit and comfort.

Cold water and ice cubes

Remove Sweat

Wipe your sweat frequently. Sweat makes your skin black. Moreover, it also contains toxin. For this reason when the sweat remains on your skin for a long time, it makes your skin black.

Wash your skin with water to remove sweat from your skin to avoid sunburn.

Remove sweat


Cucumber juice is very cool by nature and it protects your skin from sunburn. Grate one cucumber and extract the juice. Keep the juice in refrigerator. After coming back from outside wet your skin with chilled cucumber juice. It will give you both relief and protection from sun burn.

Cucumber pulp is also good to clear your sunburn. After grating the cucumber juice do not throw out the remaining portion. Grind it into smooth paste. Mix little amount of fuller’s earth in the cucumber paste. Keep it in the refrigerator to make it cool. Before applying it on your face wash your face properly and then apply it on your skin in a thick layer. Keep it for 30-35 minutes till it gets dry.

Then wash with clean water. Cucumber pulp makes your skin cool and protects you from the hand of sun burn. Cut a cucumber into fine slices and place them on your face, neck, back, etc. sunburn prone area. Keep it for 20-25 minutes so that the cucumber slices absorbs heat from your skin.



Sandalwood has a cooling effect and it protects our skin from the hand of sunburn. Take some sandalwood powder and mix water in it to make a paste. Apply that paste on your skin. It has a cooling effect. Moreover, it has a beautiful fragrance that enlivens you. Sandalwood paste absorbs heat from your skin. Before going to outside, apply sandalwood paste on your skin. It is near to our skin color and looks like foundation.

So there will be no problem with it. When it gets dry, just rub and remove the powdery sandalwood. Then it works almost like compact. Dab sandalwood powder on your skin before going to outside. It will protect you from sunburn. Sandalwood also removes the spot or black marks created by previous sunburn and make your skin fair. So, use sandalwood powder everyday especially at day time.


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Potato juice is excellent to cure any type of burn and especially the sun burn. Peel and grate the potato and extract the milky white juice. It contains starch. Apply that juice on your skin and wait for 10-15 minutes and then wash with plain water. This juice is excellent to cure sun burn very quickly. Use this juice everyday to get the quick result. Make thin slices of potato and apply them on your skin where you have sunburn. You will get benefit.



Yogurt is excellent to give you relief from sunburn. Take ½ cup yogurt and beat properly with pinch of salt and sugar. Apply this on your whole body.

Wait till it gets dry. After that, wash with plain water. Yogurt helps to remove dirt and grease intensely and make your skin clean. Moreover, it has skin whitening property. For this reason it helps you to get rid of sunburn. Massage white curd or yogurt everyday on your skin to remove sunburn and to get a beautiful fair skin.



Aloevera juice also helps to remove sunburn effectively and quickly. Remove aloevera gel from the tube and apply it on your skin daily before going to bath. Use it everyday and soon get a sun burn free skin.


Mint Juice

Mint juice is another excellent product that cures sunburn very effectively. Take some fresh mint leaves and crush all of them to remove the green juice.

It has a cooling effect. It cures sunburn effectively and gives a soothing feeling if you apply it regularly. Mint juice also helps to make your skin acne free.

Mint juices


Tomato juice is excellent to cure sunburn very quickly. Remove the skin of the tomato and mash it. Apply the tomato paste on your skin and wait. Use it twice daily and soon get the relief from the sunburn. It also acts as anti aging pack.


Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is excellent to remove the sunburn from the skin. Squeeze one lemon and dilute it in water. Massage this lemon water on your skin everyday. Lemon being natural acid helps to remove sunburn very quickly.

Go through the article and get various tips on removing sun burns effectively. They are easy to follow and the products are all easily available.