How to Treat Under Eye Circles and Puffiness Naturally

It is a known fact that the skin under your eyes is tender and delicate compared to any other part of your body. As a result this part of your body is prone to aging and care must be taken to prevent premature aging. You will notice that slight changes in your diet and in your lifestyle including sleep pattern will cause dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. If you are already showing signs of aging then you can treat the area.

For wrinkles and fine lines that appear under your eyes you must use wrinkle cream. The creams are specially formulated to get rid of the lines under your eyes and to moisturize them and to nourish them and help the lines to fade away. Most cosmetic products will take a few months for any results to be seen. Do not get depressed if the results are not as promised; continue to use the product unless it causes an allergic reaction or rash.

Water retention, heredity, lack of sleep and allergies and smoke contribute to the puffiness and dark circles that you see under your eyes. Vitamin E oil is the best remedy to get rid of puffiness and dark circles. Massage the area under your eyes gently with the tips of your fingers and let the oil stay over night. The oil will help to reduce the puffiness and reduces the effect of the dark circles. Getting adequate sleep is also helpful in maintaining your overall health.

When you are exposed to the sun always wear sunglasses. The sun can have a negative effect on your eyes and can cause age spots and wrinkles under your eyes.

If you wake up in the morning with puffy eyes then you must use a cold compress on the area. If you do not have an ice pack; then put spoons in the freezer for a few minutes and place them on your eyes. You must maintain a healthy diet as well. Avoid eating food that is high in sodium as it has a negative impact on your eyes. You can also place used tea bags on your eyes lids. The tea bags help to reduce the puffiness drastically. Another effective remedy that helps to reduce the puffiness under your eyes is to place cold cucumber slices on your eyes and keep them for a few minutes. The cold slices and the natural water content of the cucumber will help to reduce the puffiness.