How To Treat Yourself To Cranberry Cocktail And Treat Urinary Tract Infection(UTI)


Urinary Tract Infection or UTI is an infection affecting women more than men. This is primerly due to the fact that women have a very small and narrow urinary tract, which is more prone to infection. There could be an urgency to go to the doctor if your condition is acute and you pass blood. However in other cases  just hydrotherapy and cranberry juice and some syrups to make the urine more alkalinewould help.

Hydrotherapy, or drinking a lot of fluids will help the bladder get rid of the accumulated bacteria in the urine. It is very necessary to drink a lot of water too to flush the bacteria from the system. It is not advisable to allow urine to remain in the bladder as this could lead to multiplication of the bacteria. Make sure you avoid the burning sensation and keep the urine colorless.

Cranberry juice is very good for UTI. It can both prevent and treat this condition. It is best to drink atleast 3 eight ounce glasses of this juice.It would also help if instead of water you take this juice in abundance. It is particulaly good for elcerly women who experience this problem the most.

Crnberry juice has qualities that do not allow the bacteia to stick to the walls of the urinary bladder, thereby helping to treat UTI. It was found in a study conducted that two groups of women drank cranberry juice and a some other juice tasting like cranberry juice. It was found that only a small percentage of women who took cranberry juice had more severe UTI as compared to the other group where about 1/3rd of the women had it.

However do avoid taking a lot of caffeine which could aggrevate your condition. It is best to take cranberry juice or blackberry juice which also has the tendency to flush out the bacteria sticking to the wall of the urinary bladder.

To conclude, I advice all women not to wait for those symptoms of burning in the urinary tract and also for that dark colored offence smelling urine to start on cranberry or blueberry juice, by create a habit of drinking it whenever you feel like having a juice. But never forget to keep yourself hydrated always to avoid that unpleasant embarrasing UTI.


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