How to Use a Gommage Face Mask

Many of us feel the urge or the need to use a face pack or a face pack at some point in time or the other. There are many over the counter and ready to use face masks and peel’s available that can be used to help get rid of white heads or black heads and help cleanse your pores, however most of these products that you come across contain ingredients that are not natural and could cause damage to your skin if your allergic to them.

There are a few natural remedies available that can be used to help you obtain the same results without causing harm or damage to your skin as these do not contain any chemicals in them. For instance the Gommage peel is a non – chemical face peel that is quite popular and readily available.

This face peel can be used by people who have very sensitive or delicate skin. It is very gentle on the skin and does not cause any side effects like chemical based face peels. It is not very appealing to look as it looks quite thick and gummy in nature. It can be used to as a scrub as well to help brighten your skin as well as exfoliate your skin.

Due to these natural remedies for facial’s being so few they are relatively difficult to obtain. Unlike some more popular natural remedies a Gommage pack maybe difficult to obtain at a local drug store. If you’re unsuccessful in locating a store that stocks them you could try asking an Aesthetician from where you could procure it. Along with a Gommage face Peel it is important that you also use a moisturizer as well as a clarifying facial cleanser to help dislodge any dirt or grim that may be stuck in the pores of your skin.

You should start off by washing your skin with the clarifying facial cleanser and pat your face dry. Avoid rubbing your face as this could cause irritation if you have sensitive skin. Oil and any other impurities that maybe present are removed by the clarifying facial cream. Once this is done take a little of the Gommage face peel and apply a thin layer of it on your face starting from your neck and moving upwards towards your forehead. The Gommage takes about 3-5 minutes to dry and should then be peeled off like any regular peel off mask. Once this is done you should wash your face with warm water and then use a moisturizer to complete your natural home facial.