How to Use Apples as a Preventive Health Measure

Apples are a delight. The bright colors and the fragrance of this sweet delight can beat any comfort food anytime. Biting into an apple is more satiating than any even chocolates. More so you can process these fruits into several other delights and enjoy the benefits.

The great part of apples is that they are high in fiber and in nutrients and minerals but they have close to no calories and hence you can indulge in these crunchy delights as often as you please. There are a variety of apples and do not be surprised if you see a new variety every time you visit the supermarket. You can use apples in tarts, soufflés, puddings and custards. You can also make some delightful apple sauce and use it as a topping on crackers and sandwiches.

Apples are a great way to cleanse your system. Since they are fiber rich fruits they enhance bowel movements and allow for the elimination of waste from the body. It also soothes bumps and lumps and any growths on the intestinal area and gives the body a clean feeling. These wonder fruits also enhance the body and give you an energy boost. They also help to lower blood pressure and control blood cholesterol levels. It is a good snack to bite into after an exercise as it hydrates the body to replace all lost fluids and also gives your body the required amounts of sugar.

Apples also benefit the skin and can be used in your skin care regime. Eating apples without processing them increases the elasticity of the skin and also keeps the skin clean and healthy. When you use it as a topical treatment the apple help to get rid of excess oils on your face and also gives the skin a feeling of deep cleansing. The juice of the apple can be used as an astringent to tone the skin as well as can be used to mix facial masks. The strong aromas also enhance ones beauty regime. You can use apple scented candles in your bathroom in order to create a sense of calm. Apple essential oil is also used to soothe the senses and reduce stress.