How to Use Aromatherapy Oils to Treat Depression

Depression is a wide term which encompasses several other disorders that are psychic as well as mental in nature. It can lead to even more severe condition. Aromatherapy is extremely effective in the cure of anxiety, stress and depression. Using the right oils in their proper proportions can lead to better mental health. Other issues that are related to depression such as lack of sleep, improper bowel movements and digestive system get sorted out if the root cause is treated.

Aromatherapy is an alternative form of treatment that uses concentrated natural oils in different proportions and mixtures to help cure common ailments. It can be used to cure acute depression like fatigue, work related stress and personal stress. Simply using the right oils as bath accompaniments like bath salts and oils, in diffusers or as room fresheners can help reduce stress completely. However if you or a known person suffers from chronic depression then other methods must be clubbed with aromatherapy for speedy recovery.

It will aid you in providing a sense of well being; however you must consult your doctor before beginning such treatments.

The best oil to cure depression is Lavender oil. Never use it in the natural form but dilute it for best results. Slather a few drops of lavender oils diluted with water onto your pulse points for instant relief. You must also use bath and body products that are specially made with this aromatic oil and layer them. Start off with bath salts added to your water followed by a body wash and finish of with lavender moisturizers. You can also add a few drops of the oil on your pillow before you go to sleep for a relaxed night devoid of stress.

Other oils that help to reduce stress are ylang ylang and patchouli. Use them the same way as you would use the lavender oils.

If you anticipate a particularly stressful day at work then put lavender oils in a diffuser in your car. You will reach work calmer. Also put on a diffuser before you leave for the office and let the oils work their way through your room the entire day. The first thing that you smell when you get home will relax you.