How to Use Citrus Oil in Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a practice that uses essential oils in the pure form to cure physical and emotional illnesses. Citrus oils have a strong presence and are used in several preparations in the cure of various ailments. Lemon, orange, grapefruit and lime fall in this category.

The most common use of these oils is to cure fatigue and lethargy. They instantly boost your energy levels giving you the strength to go through the rest of your day energized.

You must take care to purchase the purest form of the oils when you are buying it retail.

Blend a mix of these oils or use them independently as you please. Add a few drops of them to your bath water before you start your day or at night. The oils will help to get rid of lethargy in the morning and relieves fatigue in the night. It is especially helpful when you need an energy booster during the mid day. In this case you must use the oils in fragrance diffusers or dab them on your pulse points to benefit from them.

Another way to use the oil as an instant energy booster is to use it as a hot or cold water compress. Add a few drops of the oil to hot or cold water and immerse a towel in it. Drain all the excess water out and then place the towel on your forehead. Change the towel every few minutes so that you are able to smell the aromatic oils. This will help you to feel a surge of energy instantly.

Pour lemon oil on burning coal and let the pot in the room. Close the room and open it after a few minutes. The room will be filled with energy and it will increase the vibrancy in your body as soon as you enter. Close the room and lock yourself in it for a few minutes and take deep breaths to benefit from the aroma.