How To Use Clove Oil To Improve Your Health

Clove Oil

Clove oil is used as an aid against toothaches. Though the oil is common available only few of us are aware of the several benefits that this oil offers.The oil has anti viral, anti fungal, anti bacterial and antiseptic properties. It is also a source of vitamin C and K, Omega 3 fats, fiber, iron and calcium as well.

The Benefits Of Clove Oil

The oil has anti inflammatory properties and can be used to boost the immune system. The oil is also helpful in increasing your metabolism, blood circulation and evidence links the oil to the prevention of mood swings. The oil also helps to prevent mood swings.


Clove oil can be used to cure sinus related congestion, common colds and viral infections like bronchitis. The oil is commonly used by those who suffer from asthma. The oil can be applied directly on the skin to fight congestion.

You could also add a few drops of the oil to boiling water and use steam therapy to clear the congestion. If you do not have clove oil at home you could chew on a clove; it has the same benefits as using the oil.

Tooth Pian

The most popular use of clove oil is to fight toothaches and decays. In order to get relief from an aching tooth, bleeding or swollen gums you need to massage the oil on the affected area. The anti viral property of the oil will improve the inflammation and kill the bacteria instantly.

Joint Pain

Clove oil can also be used to treat muscle and joint pain. The presence of calcium and iron in the oil helps to strengthen the bones and prevents joints and muscle pain. You can add cloves to the food you cook in order to prevent joints and muscles pain.

Skin Rash

The anti septic properties of the oil help to fight skin rashes and infections. The oil reduces the chances of an infection due to insect bites and stings. The oil can be used as a remedy for acne too.The oil has a strong and pungent aroma. If you are using it on the skin then you can dilute it in olive oil or vitamin E oil.