How to Use Epsom Salt as a Health and Beauty Aid

The modern beauty scene is throwing products out into the production line and thereby into the market faster than you can blink. The fancier and shiner products attempt to divert our attention from the age old products that have curative properties and are fast healers. One among these products is Epsom salt which has been used for generations in the cure of several ailments and as a beauty aid.

Soak 2 cups of the salt in warm water and soak your feet in it. The salt helps to relieve aches and pain in your ankles and feet. It also helps to get rid of calluses on your feet and takes care of bleeding and heals the cuts that lead to them.

Add the salt to a tub of warm water and soak in it for a few minutes. It will help to heal muscle tension, relieve stress and relax aching muscles.

You can also use it to exfoliate your skin. Take a few grains of the salt and rub it on your moist body. This will help to get rid of all the dead skin form your body. Use it on the rough parts like your elbows and knees in order to take care of dry skin. To exfoliate the skin on your face, use a pinch of the salt with almond oil and rub in circular motions.

For irregular bowel movements, mix a pinch of the salt in warm water and stir it till the salt dissolves. Drink the salt water and walk for a few minutes to initiate bowel movements. This helps to have a clear stool in a few minutes.

If you are suffering form oily hair or fizzy hair due to high levels of moisture in the air then you must wash your hair with Epsom salt diluted in the water. It will help to get rid of the salt and reduce the moisture retention on your scalp and hair. You can also add the salt to the shampoo and rub it on your dry mane. Then add water and work up lather. This will help to remove the oil in a single rinse.

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