How To Use Garlic At Home For Common Ailments

Garlic is an herb that is common to the Indian household. In this country the herb is used to add flavor to teas, foods and even beverages. The herb is grown in several regions in the country and most people are not even aware of the benefits that they gain from this herb. The herb is spicy and has a pungent taste and is very aromatic. It is used in the treatment of several common ailments.

Garlic is an effective remedy for common colds, fevers and sore throats. The anti viral and anti bacterial properties fight infections and keep these common illnesses at bay.

If you are already suffering with a viral infection you can add a piece of ginger to your tea and brew it for a few minutes. Add some honey to the tea and drink it as warm as you can. This will help you to clear the irritation in your throat and also helps to clear the signs of flu and common cold. You could also use the herb in the form of supplements to treat the symptoms of the cold and flu.

Most children suffer from ear infections and garlic helps to get rid of the infections in the ears. Though most of the treatments that use garlic are not advisable for children as they are very strong; in the case of an ear infection one can use garlic oil. It is very easy to make garlic oil.

All you need to do is add a few drops of crushed garlic to a bottle of olive oil and then let it stay at room temperature for a few days. The herb will blend with the oil and when you open the bottle you will get the aroma of the herb. You can refrigerate the oil for as long as you like. When it is required heat up a small amount on the stove and pour the oil in the ear canal. The child will get relief from the pain in a matter of a few days. Adults can use the same treatment.

Garlic has anti viral properties and it fights skin diseases and fungal infections. Do not rub garlic directly onto your skin if you have acne or blackheads as it will leave a stinging sensation on your skin. Soak a clove of garlic in a cup of water and use this water to wash your face. You will notice your acne clearing up in a few days. You could use garlic infused water as a vaginal wash to get rid of vaginal infections as well.

Consuming garlic daily helps to keep blood pressure under control, keeps cholesterol levels low and prevents heart related disorders.