How to Use Herbal Care for Eyes

Eyes are gift to mankind. We can see this beautiful world through our eyes only. But this very essential gift that is given to us by God is often neglected by us. Lack of proper eye care can cause severe complications such as Myopia, which is blurred eye sight for distant objects; Hypermetropia, which is blurred eye sight for closer objects; Astimatism, which is change in the normal shape of cornea; and Presbyopia, which is a problem with cataract.

There are several essential nutrients that help in the preservation of normal eye sight. So, we must ensure that we take proper food to give healthy life to our eyes. Apart from foods, there are some vital herbs that can work wonderfully for taking proper eye care or eye treatment. Important herbal remedies for eyes are given below.

Herbal Juices
Juices of several herbs can heal numerous eye deficiencies. Carrot juice is composed of vitamin A, which is excellent for healthy eyes. Taking carrot juice every morning for one month greatly benefits our eyes.

Beet acts as a natural cleanser for not only eyes, but also blood and entire body. Take beet juice mixed with carrot juice or parsley juice.

Parsley juice helps to keep our eyes away from several harmful diseases. Drinking 30-40 ml of parsley juice everyday can keep cataract and conjunctivitis away from us.

Crushed Herbs
Crushing several herbs and consuming them is quite beneficial for our eyes. Crush 40 grams of calamus roots or sweet flag and mix it with 40% vodka. Cover-up the bottle and keep it in dark place for about a week. Filter out the solution and take twenty drops before lunch and dinner.

Do similar treatment with a part of crushed barberry leaves. Mix it with vodka and leave it for five days. Filter and take thirty drops everyday, 3 times prior to your meals.

Take a cup of water and mix 10 grams of dried schizandra berries after crushing. Boil the solution for some fifteen minutes. Strain the solution into a cup and add boiled water again until it is full. Take 1 tablespoon everyday for two times before your meals.

Eating raw vegetables like carrots and cabbages is good for eyes. Putting a drop of honey once in seven days is also effective.

Apart from using herbs, do regular eye exercises. Rotate your eye balls upwards, downwards, right and left. It really helps to relieve the eyes from stress.

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