How To Use Home Remedies To Lighten Your Hair

If you are looking at different ways to lighten your hair then you need not only look at the rack in the supermarket for the latest brands or go to the salon to get your hair done either.

lighten hair

There are a few ways you can lighten your locks with products that you use daily in your home. Some of these have the power to lighten your hair instantly just as any branded hair dye would.

Beneficial Home Remedies To Lighten Your Hair

If you have light brown hair then you can use chamomile flowers to lighten your hair. Boil a few flowers in water and then brush this water onto your hair. Ensure that the water is not dripping then sit in the sun till your hair dries. Then wash it with warm water and use a conditioner.


Complete the session by blow drying your hair and you will notice your hair will be a few shades lighter that your normal color. Continue this until you get the color your desire. If you have dark brown hair then you can use lavender flowers instead of chamomile.

Lavender oil

Lemon juice is also helpful as it has a high amount of concentrated vitamin C. The presence of the vitamin enables you to lighten the color of your hair without causing any damage to the hair follicles. Mix equal parts of lemon juice with water and brush it onto your hair and head out in the sun. The juice along with the sun will help you to lighten the color of your locks naturally.

lemon juice

Honey is commonly used in most home made cosmetics and it can be used to lighten the color of your hair as well. It is considered to be the most popular natural way of coloring your hair due to its conditioning properties.


You can add honey to your shampoo and use it on a regular basis to color your hair evenly over a period of time. If you are looking at quick results then mix honey and lemon and brush the mixture onto your hair and wash your hair after 30 to 45 minutes. The honey will make your hair lighter within minutes.

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