How to Use Milk to Improve the Texture of Your Skin and Hair


Drinking a glass of milk has several benefits for your body. The same goes with using milk externally. Cleopatra bathed in milk daily to attain beautiful glowing skin and you can do the same, in smaller proportions.

If dark circles or puffy eyes are troubling you then soak a few cotton balls in cold milk and place it on your eyes. The lactic acid in the milk will react to remove the dark circles from your eyes and reduce the puffiness from your eyes.

For dandruff prone skin add a spoon of salt to a cup of milk and massage on to your scalp. The milk works as a natural conditioner to soften the dead skin on the scalp. Keep it on for a few hours and shampoo as you normally do. This will leave you with flake free hair for a few days. Do this twice a week and you will get rid of your dandruff completely within 8 weeks.

Pour a few spoons of milk powder or a cup of milk to your bath water. Soak in it for an hour to have supple radiant skin. You may add honey, rose petals and rose water to the milk bath as well.

Milk can also be used as a natural cleanser and since it is natural it can be used on all skin types. For dry skin use the cream of the milk all over your body and massage onto dry areas like elbows, knees and lips. For oily skin wash your face with milk three times a week to get rid of the excess oil. The lactic acid acts as a gentle exfoliates your skin and leaves you a lighter brighter face. You can also use milk as a make up remover. Dip cotton balls in milk and rub all over your face to get rid of make up on it.

Nails need calcium to look healthy. Soak your hands and nail polish free nails in warm milk once a week for healthy skin and nails.