How to Use Mustard Oil To Treat Back Pain

Back Pain

Mustard oil has healing powers. It has the ability to increase the flow of blood towards the surface of the skin thereby initiating healing powers. In most countries the oil is not sold for consumption due to its high toxicity. The oil can be relatively strong and hence it is best to use it only externally. If you suffer from chronic back pain then this oil can come to your rescue.


When you are using the oil in the cure for a back pain you need to warm the oil and then apply it to the part of the back that is in most pain. Apply it to the spinal area and then massage it gently to reach the nape of your neck or your spine; which ever direction hurts the most. It is best to massage the oil in the direction of the heart for a stronger impact.

The oil has anti inflammatory properties and thus you may experience some discomfort when your skin is soaking the oil; do not be alarmed by this. If you experience any itchiness or heat dispensing from your skin it is an indication that the healing process has begun.


If you suffer from chronic back pain then you must roast a handful of garlic cloves with 4 spoons of the oil. Heat the oil till the cloves get brown and once the oil cools down then you can use it to massage the affected area.


Avoid bathing for a few hours after you use the oil. Let your body soak in as much oil as possible. When you bathe use hot water and avoid using soap. Use a loofah to get rid of the residual oils on the skin.


Mustard oil also increases blood circulation and hence you can use it often. As a remedy for back pain you must use it daily for a month. If you do not get any relief then you may visit a doctor.