How to Use Theraputic Herbs to Treat Cold and Flu

There are several anti biotic medicines that help to fight cold and flu however many people opt for alternative remedies in order to fight these ailments. Alternative remedies boost the immune system thereby making the body stronger and more capable to fight bacteria and germs that lead to flu and cold.

Vitamins are used to fight cold and flu and they are extremely effective remedies. Vitamin A, C and E can be used to fight cold especially during the winter season. Eating fruits like oranges, limes and lemons will help you to increase your intake of vitamins naturally. You can eat the fruits or drink the juice to benefit from them. If you are using limes to increase your vitamin intake then you will need to dilute the juice in warm water. This is the perfect remedy for an aching throat as well.

Vitamin D also helps to strengthen the bones and this is another way to increase immunity. Basking in the sun for a few minutes daily is the easiest way to increase vitamin D in the body; alternatively you can also take vitamin D supplements.

Along with following vitamin therapy you also need to get plenty of rest and reduce your stress levels. You must also maintain a well balanced diet; all these factors increase immunity and reduce the risk of cold and flu.

Herbal remedies are also extremely effective. Garlic is one herb that has proved to be extremely effective and can be used to fight a sinus infection as well as common cold and sore throats. Boil water and let a piece of garlic seep in the water for a few minutes. When the herb infuses with the water and forms a light brown solution add a spoon of honey and drink it. This is one remedy that has been used for centuries and it is extremely effective. As a matter of fact there are certain cultures that you garlic in their tea daily due to the therapeutic nature of the herb.